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By connecting industry and industry We make new values. Let your ideas come out into the world.
We will go through the whole process together.


Every idea has own meaning
and we make ‘IDEAS COME TRUE'
Every idea has its own value Based on Tansley's philosophy. ​Ideas are interpreted from a new perspective
and turned into reality.

Arthur George Tansley

British plant ecologist.

Published 『New Phytologist』 and edited this magazine from 1902 to 1931.

Who coined the term ecosystem as an ecological unit



Ideas from the consumer's come to real-life Through Tansley,

through a win-win relationship where consumers and producers share profits

We want to create an industrial ecosystem that is recognized as a value,

goes out into the world and returns to consumers. ​

That is the reason why we started our business name as 'Tansley'.

Logo has the shape of a triangle and a parallelogram.

However if you change your perspective a little,

you can see a three-dimensional cube.

In this way, Tansley will reinterpret the values ​

that you've already had from a new perspective to make

them even more valuable.


Tansley does

We conduct market research and branding & design based on listening to consumers' ideas

about which products can lead to consumer satisfaction in the market.

​In addition, we propose solutions to product providers where this process is difficult.

Tansley does

We provide products that can be provided to customers

by sharing profits with manufacturers and subcontractors

who have received solutions, eliminating intermediate distribution margins and providing products at reasonable prices and tailored to the needs of customers.

Tansley does

We provide services for wise consumption that enable customers

to use products more conveniently and operate existing products in a variety of ways.





Gangwon Science High School

Whimoon High School

Department of Tourism Management, Gacheon University Department of Interior Architecture Gacheon University

Graduated from Hongik University, Department of Industrial Design Giantship Designer

​Samsung CDE International Design Institute

Head of Strategic Planning Dept. Zaim Co., Ltd.

CEO, Tansley Co., Ltd. ​


Awards & Activities ​

Ryan Stroller Contest Grand Prize

GrandPrize in the Ryan Stroller Contest

2020 Spark Design Awards Winner

2021 Spark Design Awards Winner

Raelaps national team goalkeeper glove branding

2021 Space Wadiz Product Design Exhibition

2021 Seoul Design Festival Exhibition

The way to Know Us

After graduating from Science High School,

Business Administration, and Interior Architecture,

I studied Industrial Design at Hongik University.

I didn't stop because I wasn't satisfied.

From a scientist to a designer,

from a designer to a planner,

from a planner to a manager.

I always questioned 'Why does the market only compete?'

I thought that we could coexist and discover things

that each other couldn't see.

We all posed a lot of questions and interesting ideas in childhood,

When I saw these ideas hit the market and succeeded,

I was like, 'Oh! I should have done it.' 

I think everyone is a scientist, a designer, and a planner.

We are confident that new ideas will come to the world

at a more affordable price if you walk together with Tansley.

We hope that you will be interested in watching us

grow together with consumers and businesses.

ceo   Sangjun Park


TEAM Building




We design every process where an idea comes into the world and is delivered to our customers. ​And we propose an A-Z solution to everyone who needs this opportunity.

Design consulting

Brand, R&D, Manufacture

Consumer centered IT Service

We suggest ways to discover

the hidden value of target customers

and present them in new ways.

We directly manufacture

and produce products

that embody Tansley's unique colors.

​We create a shared platform

for everyone to share their ideas

and get them out into the world.


Leave us a message
and we'll get back to you.

Thank you to everyone who is with Tansley.
If you leave your contact information,
we will contact you.
We welcome you to participate in the shared ecosystem.
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